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Top 10 Zombie Movies

A consensus of top zombie movies often sparks conflict because the first question becomes: what constitutes a zombie movie? Some lists want to count demon possession films or apocalypse films and others do not. This list is a consensus of many sources regarding zombie films.

10. Fido 2006

An alternate universe 1950s setting makes this zombie film stand out. Space radiation has created the “zombie wars.” Then Zomcom helps control the zombie population with collars and remote controls that enable use of them as slaves, servants, or almost pets. Timmy befriends their pet zombie, but his collar malfunctions and he infects a neighbor, which sparks an outbreak. A wild and intricate plot ensues with many rescues and dire situations. Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connelly, and Dylan Baker head up the cast of this shiny, happy, campy and gruesome treat.

9. 28 Days Later 2002

This film was very well received by critics. In fact, one magazine hailed it the second best zombie film of all time. In this film, the zombie outbreak is provoked by the release of animals from an experimental lab. The film was purposefully cast with unknowns to add to its believability factor. This film was followed by a sequel, 28 Weeks Later and there is rumored to be third installment, 28 Months Later.

8. Shaun of the Dead 2004

Electronic salesman, Shaun, tries to save his ex-girlfriend, who just dumped him, from the zombies who are threatening the town. Shaun just happens to decide to try to get his life together and reconcile his relationships with his mother, stepfather and ex-girlfriend just as the zombie apocalypse arrives in town. The movie is hilarious but also offers real scares.

7. Zombie2 1979

When released, critics panned its gore and bloody scenes. It was banned in several countries, but it revived the career of Fulci, who had previously directed comedies, then turned to thrillers. This film features an abandoned yacht, which ultimately brings the undead to New York City, but also transports the film’s hero and heroine to the island of Matool, where a zombie outbreak is in full force.

6. Dawn of the Dead 1978

An unknown phenomenon causes the undead to rise and begin dining on human flesh. Cities are especially deathtraps as rural citizens have more open country to fight off the zombies. Roger, Peter, Francine, and Stephen hold off zombies in a mall. Only Peter and Francine survive, thanks to a gang of bikers, whose greed propels them to break into the mall ushering in a mob of zombies.

5. Dead Alive 1992

In one of the goriest zombie films ever, zombies are the result of a species of animal resulting from the rape of tree monkeys by plague rats. (Don’t trouble yourself with the logistics of how that would come about.) One of these monkeys is housed at a zoo in New Zealand, where he gets the opportunity to attack and infect someone. The zombie’s son tries to keep her under control with animal tranquilizers, but she wrecks havoc on the townspeople despite his best efforts. The film ends with the main zombie stuffing her son back into her bloody womb and rebirthing him. He escapes and walks away with his love interest.

4. BioZombie 1998

This film depicts zombies being created from an experimental Iraqi biological weapon smuggled into Hong Kong in bottle of soda. The local shopping mall becomes a battle ground for gore, violence, and humor.

3. Cemetery Man 1994

(Its Italian title was Dellamorte Dellamore.) Rupert Everett stars as a caretaker of a cemetery in Italy, named Francesco, who fights zombies while trying to win the love of his object of affection. She tells him she is terrified of men’s penises. So, Francesco, the dedicated lover, goes to have his removed. The doctor refuses but injects him with something that renders him impotent temporarily. In the interim, this woman is raped by the new mayor in town. This incident reveals to her that her fear of penises has been cured. However, she marries her rapist since she thinks Francesco is impotent; this is a problem for her now that she realizes she actually loves sex. The movie ultimately ends with Francesco killing a host of people including zombies, and trying to escape the town in which he lives. However, he realizes there is no reality beyond the one he knows.

2. Zombieland 2009

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. The film features a road trip in search of a zombie-free sanctuary. This film received critical acclaim, and had critics expressing surprise at the level of comedic relief while retaining the focus on zombies. The film employs many pop culture references.

1. Night Of The Living Dead 1969

The film’s hero was an African-American, Duane Jones, as Ben. The remainder of the cast was European Americans. Ben rescues the sister of a pair who open the film with their visit to a rural Pennsylvania graveyard, only to be attacked by a zombie. Ben helps the entire group of survivors of attacks fend off zombies while they seek refuge inside a boarded up house. Ben is the lone survivor of the zombie attacks, but is killed the next morning when the rescue crew arrives. He is mistaken for a ghoul himself and shot.

Night Of The Living Dead

Alternate choice: I Am Legend 2007

This film features a man-made cancer cure gone wrong, which produces a virus that produces mutated humans, who want to feast on human flesh. The mutants are called “Darkseekers” in the film, but they have some zombie-like qualities much like the new breed of zombies who are smarter, faster, and crueler.

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