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Zombie Survival Guide Review

This New York Times bestseller is a work of fiction that also provides comprehensive plans in case of a zombie attack as well as an exhaustive look at possible zombie outbreaks throughout history.

This former SNL writer wrote the book to be funny, but as many readers have admitted: it’s so well-researched that the likelihood and possibility of a zombie attack becomes more real as you turn the pages. You find yourself wondering, What did I do with my flares? Do I have enough supplies?
Brooks maintain a consistent sense of professionalism all the while creating a thoroughly efficacious parody of survivalist manuals and the horror genre itself. He never slips up and reveals his tongue-in-cheek intent, never pulls back the curtain to show us the laughing man behind all of the wildly realistic and well thought-out advice. As a matter of fact, his seriousness is at times almost problematic for the reader: does Brooks know he’s joking? No matter! His unswerving manner only adds to the reader’s enjoyment of this unique book.

This satire is a necessary addition to the zombie genre. It’s a great gift for any zombie lover.

Brooks walks us through the zombie attacks in history while considering the advantages and disadvantages of alternate responses. He also explains the zombie apocalypse with a solemn consideration that examines the usefulness of a variety of weapons—flamethrower or machete?

If you shelve your own books by classification, good luck! You won’t know if this should go under disaster training/survival guides, self-help, field guides, or history.

The book is laid out very systematically. There are chapters on the physiology of the zombie, the things zombies are capable of and what they are not capable of, Solanum (that which gives power to the zombie, a life-giving-micoorganism, or should that be unlife?), best weapons for your zombie adversary, and how to barricade yourself in the case of an outbreak. There is also the historical section, which goes into great detail explaining the zombie outbreaks in the history of the human race. At the end, there is a Zombie Action Checklist, so you can track outbreaks on your own.

Solanum is actually a virus which is 100% deadly and very contagious. Brooks details a 23-hour timeline of infection.

Brooks does recommend that you follow the law at all times while constructing your zombie-killing weapons.

Some important zombie survival tips from the book:

  • Choose machetes and trench spikes beat machine guns everyday.
  • Crowbars are an excellent choice.
  • Learn the power of a bicycle. They are like dog whistles to zombies, plus the bike can be carried over rough terrain, and doesn’t require gas.
  • Chainsaws sound cool and may make you feel powerful, but it’s a false sense of power.
  • In the case of a true zombie outbreak, keep away from hospitals.

If you have wondered why zombies who are moving slowly can still catch a person who is running quickly, this book is for you! Brooks also addresses the reason we don't need to fear dead bodies buried in cemeteries, whether or not zombies have supernatural strengths as portrayed in movies, and why zombies keep coming after they have been shot or maimed.

Brooks has written a truly original and unique work for which there is no comparison. If you or someone you love is a zombie fan, this is the book to have.

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